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Peer Pressure CreativePeer Pressure Creative


How it all started…

In the beginning, Al Gore created the internet under the watchful eye of Chuck Norris. Fast forward to today where the internet (also known as “the interwebs”) is a world within itself. Where do we fit in you may ask? Here at Peer Pressure Creative, we are a full service digital ad agency that delivers exceptional products and campaigns. But we don’t need to tell you that, just take a look for yourself.



Corporate Identity

Branding your business goes far beyond your logo. At Peer Pressure Creative, we understand that a company brand is going to be portrayed over many mediums, from print to web, billboard to facebook and more!

Social Media

Social Media

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Confused yet? Is Social Media a good fit for your business? Social Media not only connects you with your customers, but it increases your branding image to make your name more memorable.

Email Marketing

Looking to keep in contact with existing customers? Looking to gain new ones? Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.

Web Design

Web Design / Development

The companies that promise you a “quick and cheap website” don’t understand what it takes to have a successful website. Web Design and Development takes time, expertise, and good communication between the client and agency. Solid development results in faster load times, better SEO results, and impeccable functionality.



When it comes to e-commerce, simplicity is key. With that said, the design also needs to be appealing so that it keeps customers there, and keeps them coming back. Use those two ideas effectively, and you’ve just found e-commerce bliss.

Virtual Tours

Are you looking for an interactive way to show off your business, museum, restaurant, event center, real estate listing, or client project? Let us show you what we can do and the Virtual tours that we’ve done!

Who do we work with?

Small Business

Hey, we’re a small, local business too. We identify with the other small business owners of the world, who take enormous pride in what they’ve created, and who appreciate being able to call us up and actually get a real person on the phone at any time.We can work with you to identify the goals that you have to grow your business, and how you can effectively leverage the Internet to do so. And if you ask nicely, we can even help you with the computer & network setup in your office (as long as they’re Mac’s, no PC’s!)!


Being all college graduates ourselves, we understand the importance of a good University website. From the ability to communicate with potential students, keep up to date with current students, and even connect with alumni, we get it. We know how to deliver information effectively and efficiently while remaining Section 508 accessible.

Large Business

We have completed projects large and small for some very large (Fortune 500 to be exact) corporations. Whether it’s an email campaign, advising on social marketing strategy, designing/building a microsite, or creating a global sales application, we have done it.

Ad Agencies

We’ve worked as a subcontractor for many ad agencies for many years now. We’re well-versed in the dynamics of large agencies and can work seemlessly within that context. We’ve done a wide variety of work too, including: web site design and development, custom applications, HTML emails, microsites, and more!

International Corporations

International projects provide their own set of unique challenges. In addition to the obvious challenge (translation into native languages), there are programming challenges (for instance, the Greek language requires a double-byte character set as we found out with the Athens Dialogues project). We have created large web sites that do “on the fly” language swaps, and employ different character sets/languages based on user preferences.


We love music (and Sonos), period. Our Pandora is always rocking everything from: Dave Matthews Band, to Lil’ Wayne, to Korn, to Blink 182, to Trey Songz, to Frank Sinatra. We love it all. There’s been no better (and critical) time for musicians to harness the power of the Internet than right now. We understand the technology that’s out there, and can help you use it to your advantage.


3 Ways to Reach Us

1. Contact us by foot, carrier pigeon, or pet dinosaur.

559 Main St. Suite 255, Bethlehem PA, 18018 610.657.6810

2. Contact us electronically.

Write us a haiku on TwitterStalk Like us on Facebook, or Double Tap us on Instagram

3. Contact us secretly.

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Oh, and if you’re an outsourcing company, don’t even waste your time contacting us. We do ALL of the work OURSELVES and don’t need your programmers from overseas.

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